Annual General Meeting
October 6th 2012

Good afternoon all, and welcome to this and, possibly the last Annual General Meeting of the Anglo Indian Recreational Club as a registered entity under the Society Act of British Columbia.

I have pleasure in presenting a review of our activities over the past twelve months.

Our Halloween party last year had to be cancelled as we weren’t able to find a suitable venue, the Ladner Hall being unavailable during the last weekend in October. However, as always we had a good turn out for our Christmas sing-along with the help of Ian Currie at the keyboard, and several enthusiastic carollers.

Although not an actual Club function, many of us got together to bring in 2012 at the Compass Point Inn in Surrey. We look forward to hearing from you as to whether we should pursue this option again this time around. Or, as has been suggested, whether we join the Goa club instead. Their function is held at the Executive Inn – by all accounts a very lavish party. We will keep you advised.

Again, although not a Club sponsored function, we had a great get together on St. Patrick’s Day at the Yellow Chilli Restaurant in Surrey. It was a hilarious and fun experience lunching on Indian cuisine while wearing Irish hats and ties, green wigs (and more) and listening to traditional Irish songs and ditties over the sound system!

The next outstanding function was our classy celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at an afternoon tea which drew a full house here at the Chelsea Gardens Fireside hall. You have only to take a look at our website pictures to see that this was one of the most elegant functions we’ve ever hosted…thanks to Jacquie, Ashley and the Fronteddu family. The one disappointment was that although we were sold out, only a handful of Club members were among the attendees.

To make up for that, our picnic celebrating International Anglo-Indian Day on a beautiful August summer’s day at Ambleside Beach was exceedingly well attended, and it was heartening to also have a few youngsters with us this time around. Our special thanks to Brenda and Ashley Oliver and to Joe and Hilda Pacheco who arrived hours earlier to stake out our picnic tables in a lovely shady spot.

Our last, but far from least, show on September 7th was a smash hit. We were maxed out with 75 attendees at our Mexican Fiesta “cruise” at the Ladner Hall, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the amazing floor show put on by the Mexico Viva dancers in dazzling costumes. The live—and lively—music by “Cheek to Cheek” Gail and Doug Hawksworth, brought everyone onto the floor – and the only complaint from one of our guests was that the show came to an end far too early at 11 pm!

Margaret experimented, not too successfully, with the idea of having several local outings on a self-drive basis, but other than a very enjoyable afternoon by a small group of us at the Van Dusen gardens in August, this initiative didn’t garner much enthusiasm. Perhaps we can try this again next spring/summer with suggestions from our members as to outings that preferably don’t involve cross border line-ups. Ferry prices for cars have now gone up, but if we share transport, this eases the burden should we decide to plan a day, (or an overnight), excursion to Vancouver Island.

Regarding upcoming events for the rest of the year, we hope this year’s Halloween show on October 27 th, will attract plenty of big and small ghosts and goblins (please pass the word around to friends and their families), and the same goes for our Christmas party on December 2 nd (Sunday) which is always a great way to usher in the Yuletide season. As far as New Year’s Eve goes, as mentioned above, we suggest a group booking at a hotel such as the Compass Point Inn, or (depending on the cost) the Executive Inn along with the Goa Club folks. Your input is welcome.

As far as our membership numbers go many out of town members have fallen off the roster (which is certainly a pity), but on the other hand, we have had the pleasure of welcoming several new members to our Club. They are:

Leslie and Tracy D'Cruz of Maple Ridge, B.C.
Agnel & Anitha George of Surrey, B.C.
Ann & Ralph Rodrigues
Janet Roset of Surrey, B.C.
Christine MacLean, Richmond, B.C.
Gail and Doug Hawksworth, Surrey, B.C
Desiree and Ken Nazareth, Surrey, B.C.

Thanks to Vivek for his efforts in this regard.

Thank you all once again for attending this meeting, and for your support during the past year, and hopefully during the year ahead as well.

Leslie Michael,

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