October 6th 2012
Clubhouse Fireside Lounge,
Chelsea Gardens,
13888-70 th Avenue,
Surrey, B.C.

The Annual General Meeting was called to order at 2.10 pm by Jacqueline Michael, acting Chairperson of the AGM.

A quorum of 28 members consisting of 17 members present at the meeting and 11 signed Proxies satisfied the requirements of quorum, and the business of the AGM proceeded as follows.

Leslie Michael, Vice President
Jacqueline Michael, Acting Chairperson
Vivek Savkur, Treasurer
Margaret Deefholts, Acting Secretary

Phyllis & Derek Beavan
Ian Currie & Raywyn Erickson
Rowland, Corinne and Rhyllis McCarthy
Joe & Hilda Pacheco
Patricia Savkur
Keith Vint
Rita Watts
Trevor Wright

1. Notice of Meeting: The Notice of Meeting having been duly circulated, it was “RESOLVED that the reading of the Notice of Meeting be dispensed with and that the Notice be taken as if read and approved.”

Moved by: Phyllis Merchant
All in Favour: Unanimous
Motion Carried .

2. Minutes of Last Meeting: In view of the routine nature of the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting, it was RESOLVED that the minutes of the 2011 Annual General Meeting of the Club held on October 2 nd, 2011be approved and adopted as if read.”

 Moved by: Leslie Michael
All in Favour: Unanimous
Motion Carried .

3. President’s Report: Leslie Michael presented the President’s Review (click) of the past year’s activities.

4. Treasurer’s Report and Financial Statements: Copies of the 2012 Financial Statement were circulated to those present and the Chairperson invited questions and discussion (if any) from the floor. In response to a question from the floor as to the current balance in the bank, the Treasurer reported that this was in the amount of $3,475.75.

There being no further comments, it was RESOLVED that the Financial Statement for the 12 month period, October 2011 to September 2012 (inclusive) be approved.

Moved by: Rhyllis McCarthy
All in Favour Unanimous
Motion Carried

5. De-Registration of the Anglo-Indian Recreational Club:  Margaret Deefholts put forward a proposal to de-register the Club as per the provisions of the Society’s Act whereby if an incorporated society fails to submit an annual report and accompanying fees for two consecutive years, the Registrar, after due reminder notices have been sent to the defaulting society, will automatically dissolve the said society and cancel its registration. Section 102 of the Society’s Act states that:

If a society has for two years failed to file with the registrar the annual report or any other return, notice or document required by this act to be filed, the registrar may dissolve the society.

 Accordingly and with the deliberate intention of allowing the Club registration to lapse, if approved at this AGM, no further reports or fees will be submitted to the Corporate Registry.

It was pointed out that the de-registration of the Club did not mean that it would cease to exist as a social organization. The AIRC would continue to maintain a roster of members who would be expected to pay their annual Club membership dues in order to remain in good standing. The AIRC would also continue to organize social functions and outings as in the past. The website would also be an ongoing source of members’ news, information, articles etc.

Joe Pacheco voiced his dissent and disapproval to this step on grounds that even though de-registration by default was not illegal, he felt that this could be viewed as an underhanded act, and thereby tarnish the Club’s future reputation. He urged that we look for other means such as an application to Victoria to voluntarily wind up the Club.

It was pointed out that the alternative route of “Voluntary Winding Up” as outlined in the Act, would be expensive and complex, involving legal assistance in drawing up affidavits and the appointment of a specially qualified liquidator, filing of legal notices, etc. It was also pointed out that Margaret Deefholts had spoken to the Corporate Registry office in Victoria and was told that, because we are a very small Club with limited funds, it would be advisable to merely allow the registration to lapse. There would be no penalty payment involved in this process.

After much discussion, and reading of the full provisions of the relevant section of the Society’s Act dealing with the procedure involved, the matter was put to the vote as follows:

RESOLVED that with a view of de-registering the Anglo Indian Recreation Club under the Society Act of British Columbia, that as of this date no further reports or annual fees be submitted to the Corporate Registry in Victoria.

Moved by: Keith Vint
All in Favour: 26 (11 by virtue of Proxy authorization)
Any opposed: 2
Motion Carried.

6. Other Business:  

(a) Arising from the matter of de-registration under the Society’s Act, it was decided by the majority of those present, that we would retain our present registered identity, i.e. “The Anglo Indian Recreational Club” during the two year interim period, until such time as the Registrar formally de-registers the Club.

(b) The matter of administration of the Club came up for discussion there no longer being a Board of Directors. It was agreed by all present that the finances of the Club would continue to be administered by a Treasurer and that three authorized signatories be appointed to administer the account. Vivek Savkur agreed to continue as Treasurer (and bank signatory) and Margaret Deefholts and Jacqueline Michael volunteered to act as bank signatories for the present, all these positions being subject to change as and when necessary in the future. The Club’s bank records would be available to all members on demand at any time.

For purposes of easier access, the account being held by the CIBC bank would be closed, the funds withdrawn and placed in TD Canada Trust under the same account name, i.e. “The Anglo Indian Recreational Club.”

(c) In order to record the minutes of meetings, set up agendas, send out circulars etc. as required, it would be necessary to approve the appointment of a Secretary. Jacqueline Michael agreed to undertake this task and this was approved by all members present at the meeting.

(d) Margaret Deefholts agreed to continue as webmaster. A concern was raised that because most of the website’s content was freely available to visitors, there was little incentive to renew memberships. However, as commented on by Keith Vint, the $15 yearly membership fee was a token of support for the continuation of the Club and as an encouragement for those trying to keep it alive by way of news and activities.

(e) Volunteer Social Committee. There were no volunteers for this from the floor, but it was agreed that we would call for volunteers on an ad hoc basis, to meet from time to time to discuss ideas and implement up-coming functions. The same would apply to getting volunteer help to set up and clean up after events.

(f) Telephone Team. Rita Watts and Trevor Wright agreed to carry out phone duties to advise and remind people about dues and upcoming events. Other volunteers for this would be on an ad-hoc basis.

The Chairperson then called for further matters for discussion. There being no other business, she called for a motion to conclude the meeting.

Moved: Phyllis Merchant
All in Favour: Unanimous
Motion Carried.

The final Annual General Meeting of the Anglo-Indian Recreational Club adjourned at 3.40 pm.

Margaret Deefholts
Acting Secretary