July 8th 2017

Thanks to Eric Liu, who spearheaded an excursion to Gibsons and Bowen Island, several of our Club members enjoyed a leisurely tour of Lower Gibsons town (whose claim to fame is the locale of the TV series, The Beachcombers) and a stop over at Bowen Island for tea.

Bright and early, our cruisers boarded the Pacific Ferries boat at the Coal Harbour dock.

Eric dubs this "The Good Ship Lollipop"
The crew!

Honey (her real name)says of Eric, "He's de man!"

Freda and Brian almost 'missed the boat'!

Ian Baxter, with his brother Oliver and his wife, Colleen both visiting from Ontario.

Now happily on board, Brian & Freda D'Souza

Must have been a good one! Ian and Keith in splits; and a smiling Ashley and Brenda Oliver sitting behind Keith

The landing dock at Gibsons

Sitting in the shade and listening to Dale Peterson who gave the group a walking tour of historic Gibsons

Gibson was the setting for the popular TV series, The Beachcombers starring Bruno Gerussi.
Exhibits from the series continues to fascinate visitors.

Molly's Reach Restaurant featured in The Beachcombers

Eric cozies up to Bruno!

An artifact from the Beachcombers
En route during the walking tour of the town.

A vintage gramophone in the Gibsons Museum

Marker to George Gibson, founder of Gibson's Landing

Eric remembers the "isthree" wooden ironing boards, and dhobi's irons in India

And finally....cooling off with an iced beer on Bowen Island

Keith and Gwen Vint with a friend