Birthday and Fall Celebrations at the Seniors Centre in Ladner

October 29th 2017

Quite a number of our Club members attend the Seniors Social held in Ladner on the last Sunday of every month. Among other activities - bingo and whist, (and a delicious meal catered by Lionel Crasto) this is an occasion to celebrate the month's birthdays. Joe Pacheco (a regular attendee at our Club functions) cut a Birthday cake along with two other folks - Helen Pereira and Ruby D'Souza. My photographs aren't as clear as I would have preferred them to be, but the bright sunlight streaming through the glass window panes was a problem. Eric Liu, however, took a couple of others - and his pictures are much clearer.

"Damien about to be attacked -
should someone warn him?" Eric

Joe, Helen and Ruby cut their Birthday cake, to a chorus of "Happy Birthday"!