New Year's Eve Dance, December 31st 2014
Crown Palace Banquet Hall, Surrey B.C.

Organizers: Mel and Yvonne Pinto, Steadwick and Louella D'Penha and friends

Here are some photographs of us ringing out the Old Year and bringing in the New!
Good health and much happiness to all in 2015!

Margaret's daughter, Susan, her husband Tom and
Leslie Michael Jr. (Jacquie's son)

Thea Baxter and Gwen Vint with their respective
hubbies Ian and Keith in the background

What is Jacquie whispering? Eunice (Jacquie's
daughter- in-law) is amused, Glenn (Margaret's
son) looks quizzical.

Hilary Alves and friends

Lovey-dovey: Karen & Albert Fernandes

Hilary and Cecil Alves enjoying a chuckle

Sonia Ahmed and family

James and Maritama Vint

Jacquie with son Leslie Jr. and his wife Eunice

Glenn and Anne

Glenn, Anne, Margaret, Susan and Tom

Tet-a-tete: Susan and Tom