An exciting new film written and directed by Anglos in the Wind Editor, Harry MacLure and produced by Melbourne-based Nigel Foote!

An excerpt from Harry's letter:

Greetings from Anglos In The Wind!

Please find below the links to the various reports from the Press on "Going Away". I have written and directed the film, and Melbourne-based Nigel Foote has produced it. We got a standing ovation at the special screening at Four Frames Preview Theatre in Chennai on 3rd June 2013. We had invited members of the Press, film industry people, a fair share of Anglo-Indians, and many friends of the community, who enjoyed watching the film.

This is a first for our community: a group of creative and professional Anglo-Indians have come together - cast and crew - to make a film that is centered around an Anglo-Indian family. Even though the story has in its core the theme of migration, the film does not advocate in any way to leave India or to stay on in the country. "Going Away" dwells mainly on what happens when a family member wants to leave India for good, leaving loved ones behind. The film highlights the pain of separation. It's a simple story, told simply, and will, we hope, strike a chord with not only Anglo-Indians across the world, but also with anyone who has lost a son, a daughter or a loved one to migration to other countries.

 Warm regards,

Harry MacLure
Anglos In The Wind
The International Magazine for Anglo-Indians.

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