Chelsea Gardens, Surrey, B.C.
October 28th 2017

On Saturday October 28th, residents of Chelsea Gardens looked on in amusement as folks wearing an assortment of wacky headgear and outfits showed up at the Fireside Room, to enjoy a Halloween-themed lunch and tea party.

Serial killer Margaret (Get it? Cereal box and murderous kitchen knife!) welcomes guests as they arrive..

Eric Liu and his camera captured all the action.

Eric wearing a Chinese hat and flower printed wrap (not sure what he came as??!) with his buddy Doug.

Betty and Freda (wearing matching orange-n-black outfits) and Jacquie at the buffet—
Chef Lionel Crasto's spicy (and delish!) biryani and raitha - embellished with pickles and chutneys.

All that murderous activity makes a killer mighty hungry...a full dish of biryani is just the thing! What do you think Ivana?



Must've been a good one! Carol and Ashley chuckling away, with Gerry looking on .

Doug wears a black hat and a gleeful grin

Joe squires ladies Gwen and Jenny— a serious undertaking?

Jacquie, sporting a pretty mask, is elegant as always

Ashley puts a trident to devilish use. Yikes!

Martha with a fancy hat and scarf and hubby Andrew pose for Eric's camera
Betty goes Country 'n Western!
Yippee-ay-yay !

Shona and Ivana tuck in.

Flamboyant hat Betty!
Raywyn - has a mischievious gleam in her eye - watch out Ian!
Eric in his Calcutta (?) Chinese hat and outfit, poses with Gerry who claims that he is a young chap, dressed up in disguise as an old guy. Nice try Gerry!

Happy Group (except for Andrew who looks a bit uncertain):
Back row: Leslie, Doug, Gerry,
Mid row: Raywyn (whose hat is about to be yanked off by Leslie) and Andrew.
Front centre is a beaming Martha
Aww...cho chweet, but are you sure that's really Marie, Ashley?

Well, shiver me timbers! It's Pirate Don, consorting with a lady Court Jester, aka Gemma!

That serial killer with a fiendish grin is hovering behind you Patti and Eric

Oh! Oh! Oh! The monster's right behind you Patti!
And it's not your lunch that he wants...

Do you know who the father of "Rosemary's Baby" was? Or the name of Norman Bates' mother in "Psycho"? How about who was the first to play Dracula in the movies? Or Frankenstein? Most of our guests were stymied by many of the questions in our horror movie quiz, but everyone took a run at trying to win a prize! The winner? Actually...winners! It was a tie between Shona Lobo and Gerry Mackie!

The horror movie quiz set the stage for our mystery film from Ashley's collection of movies. "Young Frankenstein" was a 1974 film noir production with a stellar cast of Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, Gene Hackman, Cloris Leachman. It had our audience chuckling out loud, particularly at the priceless scene of the monster singing and dancing "Putting on the Ritz"! As one of the most entertaining spoofs of all time, it is a true classic!

Tea time rolled around at 3 o'clock. Thanks to Freda whose green chutney sandwiches are legendary, and to Ashley who conjoured up a delicious orange sponge cake and a large tray of spicy bhajjias. Coffee and several varieties of tea were on offer, and many of us continued to enjoy Ashley's refreshing fruit punch.

With the door prize, (won by Joe) and several other little prizes handed out, the party drew to a close around 4.30-ish. Special thanks to Ashley for help with setting up the hall, and for running the slide show, and background music. Thanks also to Marie and to all of you who helped clean up and put everything away at the end of the evening. Jacquie who has been unfailingly supportive behind the scenes—thank you ever so much. And for all of you who came by to share the party, I hope you had a good time.

Mark your calendars now for our next party which will be the last one of the year. Our Christmas Carol Sing-Along and potluck tea is scheduled for Saturday, November 25th. Ian (Currie) has consented to spin out his magic on the keyboard—so come and enjoy his music, and bring your voices along with you as we carol in the Yuletide Season! Keep an eye on our website, as this will be posted in the next few weeks, and do please book mark the page as a reminder.