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1.  Where would you go to hear Silver Bells? 

2.  Who was it that danced with the silk hat on his head?

3.   What did the cattle do to wake the poor baby? 

4.  When did I see those three ships? 

5.  What size were those Kings of the Orient?
Careful….this one's tricky! Hint: Sing the first line

6.  What is it that helps to make the season bright.?

7.  Who still wants a hula a hoop? 

8.   Who kept time to the drum? 

9. Where do the hopes and fears of all the years meet?  

10. Why does the child want his two front teeth? 

11. What was the other reindeer's name? (she used to laugh and call him names)
Also tricky – read the clue again and sing aloud)

12. What was the horse in Jingle bells named??? 
Another tricky one

13. I won't go until I get it 

14. What color is Christmas without you?  

15. What is the name of the parson in the meadows? 

Extra Credit:

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