International Anglo-Indian Day Picnic
Saturday, August 5th 2017

Port Royal Park, 215 Salter Street, New Westminster, BC V3M 5B1

Eric Liu summed it all up:

  • "We had a slow start.  Was a hazy day about 25 C.  Only 9 folks showed up around 12.30 but more came and the numbers swelled to 21 after.

  • Jacquie bought a new badminton set with a net and 4 racquets.  We played doubles. There were several plays of carroms.  

  • Lots of food.  

  • Ashley had his portable music machine playing.  

  • Brian and Freda devised a novel way to bring us hot tea.  Due to fire restrictions, no cooking allowed so they made the tea at the adjacent community centre and transported it to our shed location.  Their daughter, Karen visiting from Toronto came later.  

  • No singalong and quizzes this year but we had fun, food and good chats.  

  • We cleaned and cleared from the location around 3.45 pm.