August 6th 2016

L-R: Simone Richardson, Margaret Deefholts, Eric Liu, Maritama Vint, Keith Vint, Wanda Andrade, Ashley Orton, Freda D'Souza, Jacquie Michael, Brian D'Souza, Shane D'Souza, Lynne D'Souza, Damian D'Souza,Keren, 'Big Sister' to Chantelle D'Souza, James Vint, Rita Watts.
Front Row: Julian & Jared Vint, Portia Richardson, Chantelle D'Souza

It was a smaller than usual group of folks who came by to our annual picnic, but as always, there was plenty of animated "bat-cheet", friendly challenges across the carom board, a round of bingo, a treasure hunt for the kids, and a picnic table groaning under the weight of a selection of goodies which everyone tucked into with gusto! Congratulations to Maritama Vint, ably assisted by hubby James, for their "research" skills that won them the prize for our quiz contest! Lynn D'Souza went home, jingling a few extra Loonies in her pocket as a result of her bingo win. Our skilled chai-wallahs, Freda and Brian D'Souza seved up very welcome hot 'cuppa-teas' to all our picnickers.

Thanks also go out to Brian and Freda for arranging to book the picnic shed, to Jacquie (Michael) for her unstinting support and work to keep our little Club afloat, and for the loan of the (very heavy!) carom board and music equipment. Thank you also Ashley (Orton) for your selection of lively background music and for helping out with carrying chairs and other "samaan" to and from my car! Jacquie's daughter Simone deserves an extra cheer for arranging the treasure hunt for the kids who took off like rockets on their mission! Not quite a Pokemon expedition, but fun all the same.

Heartfelt thanks also to ALL who came by to make this event a happy and successful one. There were many familiar faces who were much missed - but some had special family functions to attend, and others who are staunch supporters of the Club at all our functions, unfortunately had to beg off this time around due to poor health.

I'd also like to take this opportunity of thanking all you folks who have renewed your membership of the Club for 2016. Fifteen dollars a year isn't much in terms of individual donations, but it helps with keeping the website in good standing, and we do save a bit on not having to employ a webmaster as I bumble along with updates whenever time permits! More than anything else however, your contribution is appreciated as a gesture of moral support for a little Club with scant cash in our kitty. Your presence at functions like our picnic and at various lunch get togethers is also a big morale booster and makes all our efforts worthwhile.

Here are a few pictures that I took, and I think Jacquie will be sending me some more later on, so stay tuned...


Eric and Shane soak up the sun

"I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille" : Portia Richardson

Maritama & James Vint keep Wanda Andrade company

Maritama consulting with James?

"Research" winner!

Good lookin' couple!

Raywyn regales Ashley with a tale.

Grumpy ol' men? Nah! They are smilin'seniors!

Colourful: Lynne and Freda

Brian shares a naughty joke that sends Rita into gales!

Was that a good one, Rita?

Carom champs? Eric thinks so!

Ashley looks on, while...

Damien takes aim!

Chai! Garam Chai!